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Families in Arms

Jewish families of diaspora strengthen the families of the Israel Defense Forces.

Purches Empowerment Package

While we have adjusted to the new routine, many families in Israel have been in a state of conflict for several months. The husband is enlisted, and the wife is solely responsible for maintaining the home and caring for the children. Quite a few of these families are reaching a breaking point, and while they initially received significant assistance, they now feel forgotten.

From here, the Families in Arms project was born. In this initiative, a Jewish diaspora family purchases a special package for IDF families, and we ensure it is delivered directly to them. The package includes a box specially prepared for the soldier and another for his wife, with a dedication and encouraging words that remind them - we haven't forgotten you. We salute what you do and pray for you every day.

2 boxes in the Package

The products in the box are manufactured in Israel, at a factory located in Ofakim, a community that experienced significant losses during the October 7th attacks.


1. The soldier box

  1. Quality, masculine-scented beard oil for post-shaving, promoting healthy facial skin care during deployment.

  2. Aromatic, romantic-scented hair and beard conditioner.

  3. Natural wood comb for men.

  4. Personal dedication letter with encouraging words.


2. The soldier's wife box

  1. Electric essential oil diffuser utilizing cold mist technology and Bluetooth connectivity.

  2. Two blends of essential oils. One for relaxation, alleviating fears, and nourishing the soul, and another romantic blend to enhance romance upon the husband's return home.

  3. Personal dedication letter with encouraging words.

How Does the project works?


You are purchasing an Empowerment Package. The entire $ will be dedicated to funding the cost of the package and shipping.


We are delivering it With personal delivery to the doorstep. It is possible to request a specific family.


Well done! Your contribution has made a significant impact and strengthened the IDF families!

Donate the Empowerment Package

The Package including 2 Boxes: The soldier box + The soldier's wife box

Total: 180$

*Do you want to donate the package to a specific reservist family that you know?

Fill out this form with their details, and we will ensure that the donated package is sent directly to them.


Who are we?

David and Limor Kleinman, a family of IDF reservists and the founders of VE-AHAVTEM, a project to empower Marriage and families. Out of our personal need, we decided to embark on a project to strengthen the families of reservists by donating discounted packages from our store. 


Contact us

Purches Empowerment Package

@The Families in Arms project | photos by Corrine Feldman

The Wonder Clip סיכת הפלא
The Wonder Clip סיכת הפלא
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